Sunday, January 31, 2010

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Sunday, January 17, 2010


"If anything is not used it is rusted.

It is true of all parts of both soul and body that what is not properly exercised atrophies. If you do not exert your muscles they devour their own strength. If you do not put food into your stomach to digest, it will, so to speak, digest itself.

So also the mind that does not continually study and learn does not remain blank, but fills up with a vast mass of untruths which destroy it. Ignorance is the rust of the mind.

If is fully as hard on the system of have nothing to do as to be overworked; worse indeed to rust out than to wear out.

If you will not have faith, you shall have worry, which is soul-rust."

This essay struck the chord in me that loves to learn. It reinforced my desire to become a teacher. I think everyone hungers to learn. Sadly, some get it ruined somewhere along the way in certain areas, but really, learning is like eating. Our appetite keeps renewing itself. God made us that way so that we could spend our whole lives learning more about Him, studying him not only through the Bible, but through math, physics, and the like as well. I am glad that there is no end to what I can learn about God, so I have no rust to fear.


In all motion, there is rhythm. The wind comes in gusts, waters move in waves, the seasons rotate, night and day alternate, the lungs expand and contract, the blood circulates in beats, we wake and sleep and so on. It is the same with life's more intangible forces. Passion rises and falls, reforms advanced in periods, fashions come and go, and business teeters from prosperity to panic. It would save us a great deal of alarm if we bore this law in mind.